Day of Coordinator & Associate

We are THRILLED to welcome Madison to the Perfectly Planned Parties team!  Madison's friendly and confident demeanor brings the perfect ZEN to your stressful day. 

Whether its subtly tackling the behind the scenes action items to your wishes or being right in the mix of the party; ensuring that everyone is having an awesome time; Madison brings the perfect balance of professionalism and personality to your event!  She is extremely confident and knows her stuff! 

Madison has had the privileged of working with some the largest agencies in the business as part of her education and internship in Event Planning.  She's seen it all and she's done it all; working knee deep in the hustle and bustle of agency live.  Madison is at the next stage in her career, now managing her own events.

Madison is the perfect fit for fun-loving couples who need to get the job done with attention to detail; while rest assured that their event is being well looked after!

Madison lives in the City of Toronto; however travels across the GTA & York Region, Simcoe Region & Muskoka for her work.   She is willing to travel.